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James Franco and David Lehman to Host Reality TV: America's Next Top Poet [by Stacey Harwood] - The Best American Poetry

We were like, “WTF?!”, which means this got us good, because we never abbreviate our expletive-loaded questions. 


The Strand Magazine is publishing a previously unseen Tennessee Williams short story in its spring issue. “Crazy Night” is about Williams’s lovelorn college days when he describes sex like “vaccination the first day of school.”



The Strand Magazine is publishing a previously unseen Tennessee Williams short story in its spring issue. “Crazy Night” is about Williams’s lovelorn college days when he describes sex like “vaccination the first day of school.”


Sleep Donation

SWOONING over Karen Russell’s Sleep Donation, a novella out from Atavist Books. It’s only available digitally, but the interactive website is pretty darn slick. And informative. Having your teeth fall out is the ninth most common nightmare (which I nightmare about all the time). 

After their marriage in 1952, they traveled widely and found a formula for pursuing their separate literary careers. Working in different studies of the converted 17th-century barn that served as their home in Fairfield, Conn., they wrote from 9 A.M. to 2 P.M. daily, she using the typewriter in the companionship of their cat, he writing in longhand accompanied by their dog.
When Miss Clark was stricken with macular degeneration and almost totally lost her eyesight (a setback described in “Eyes, Etc.,” her 1977 memoir), her husband began reading to her at night.

—In doing a li’l research on Eleanor Clark (we’re reissuing her travel memoir, Rome and a Villa, in December) I found a description of her marriage to Robert Penn Warren and sweet jeebus it sounded perfect. Bless them. (via harperperennial)


Win the Nobel Prize, get a commemorative coin minted.

Yesterday, Alice Munro was honored by the Royal Canadian Mint as they unveiled a special coin to celebrate her Nobel Prize in Literature win last fall in addition to her wider literary achievements. You can read the full story here on the CBC’s website.

She is the third high profile woman author to be recently immortalized on national currency, following the Royal Mint’s announcement last July that Jane Austen will appear on the 10 pound note, while in Sweden, Pippi Longstocking’s beloved creator Astrid Lindgren is set to appear on the 20 kronor note.

Ladies making it rain

Paid, part-time intern wanted


Paid part-time Intern wanted!

Dear Emily Books readers,

We’re looking for an intern to start June 1 and continue through September 1. We’d like you to be currently enrolled in college, ideally in the NY metro area. The position entails a maximum of 5 hours of work per week that you do at home, or wherever you like to work, and pays $10/hour. You’ll also check in with me (Emily! Hi!) once every few weeks about ongoing projects and we’ll have a quick coffee. Responsibilities include:

*reading books and telling us whether you like them

*writing about books

*acquiring books (we’ll reimburse you promptly, of course)


*proofreading (basic HTML required) 

*SPECIAL PROJECTS that can be your own initiatives 

Still interested?  Please email emily@emilybooks.com with the subject line INTERN.  Include your resume in the body of the email (no attachments), any relevant experience, and please feel free to share links to your tumblr or twitter.  If you’ve read Emily Books, tell us which is your favorite and why. 

Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you! 

!!! Get paid to read books


Friday must-have: Žižek’s Jokes
"In an old Soviet joke, a listener asks Radio nErevan: "Did Rabinovitch win a new car in the state lottery?" Radio Erevan replies: "In principle, yes—he did. Only it was not a car but a bicycle, it was not new but old, and he did not win it, it was stolen from him!”“


Friday must-have: Žižek’s Jokes

"In an old Soviet joke, a listener asks Radio nErevan: "Did Rabinovitch win a new car in the state lottery?" Radio Erevan replies: "In principle, yeshe did. Only it was not a car but a bicycle, it was not new but old, and he did not win it, it was stolen from him!”“

(via prairielights)

Complete list of all the presses and book-makers that will be at the APRIL Independent Publishing Expo (Saturday 3/29)

We are in some kickass company here! If you’re in Seattle and not already planning on going to APRIL you are a darn fool.



Each year, APRIL caps off its week-long festival with a big book fair at Seattle’s writing and literary arts center, Richard Hugo House. This year 39 presses will be in attendance. Scope ‘em out below!

1. The APRIL table will have a few goodies and books from the 2014 festival authors.

2. Willow Springs Editions is a small literary press housed in Eastern Washington University’s Inland Northwest Center for Writers. Each year they offer the Spokane Prize for fiction and publish one surrealist poetry chapbook.

3. Poor Claudia is a poetry chapbook imprint of Octopus Books, a small poetry press based in Portland Ore, Lincoln NE & Denver CO.

4. Copper Canyon is a nonprofit publisher dedicated to poetry.

5. alice blue books is the creator of small run handmade books and art books, as well as the chapbook series SHOTGUN WEDDING, focusing on poetry, fiction, nonfiction and graphic novel work in the Pacific Northwest.

6. Raven Chronicles publishes work which reflects the cultural diversity of the Pacific Northwest, Canada, and other areas of America. They promote art, literature and the spoken word for an audience that is hip, literate, funny, informed, and lives in a society that has a multicultural sensibility.

7. StringTown has published a magazine and book-length writing by Northwest authors for the last twelve years.

8. Les Sardines is a writing collective founded in 2008 and based in Seattle.

9. Lazy Fascist is an imprint of bizarro fiction publisher Eraserhead Press. Lazy Fascist publishes authors who, through careful exploration of unique linguistic landscapes, create monstrous, unclassifiable fictions.

10. Chin Music publishes risky books as “literary objects”—books that are a pleasure to touch as well as read.

11. The Monarch Review is an online and print journal based in Seattle that aims to sustain vibrant, vagabond culture by creating a forum for emerging and established artists and thinkers.

12. Portland-based Microcosm Publishing has been publishing zines and books since 1996.

13. Pacifica Literary Review is a small literary arts magazine based in Seattle with print editions in winter and summer.

14. Spartan publishes short, minimalist prose.

15. Future Tense Books is one of the longest-running small-presses around. Run tirelessly by Kevin Sampsell in Portland.

16. YesYes Books is based out of Portland and publishes poetry, prose, and visual art that make them excited for the day.

17. Wave is an independent poetry press based in Seattle dedicated to publishing the best in contemporary poetry, poetry in translation, and writing by poets.

18. Publication Studio (founded in 2009 in Portland, Oregon) prints and binds books one at a time on-demand, creating original work with artists and writers they admire.

19. The Furnace is a quarterly reading series showcasing one new prose writer (fiction, nonfiction, playwriting) at a time with the mission to encourage innovative storytelling and a vibrant literary community. Listen live at the Hollow Earth Performance space and online at Hollowearthradio.org. They publish a quarterly zine to correspond with their reading series & podcast.

20. Tavern Books is a not-for-profit publisher of poetry founded in Portland, Oregon publishing translations from the world’s finest poets, new works by innovative writers and revivals of out-of-print classics. All Tavern Books titles are permanently in print, honoring the cultural contract between publisher and author, as well as between publisher and public.

21. PageBoy Magazine publishes both literary and visual art.

22. Poetry Northwest is the oldest poetry magazine in the Northwest.

23. Big Fiction celebrates the soul of the long story: generous, transportive, and a little wild. They’re an independent journal publishing ambitious and delicious fiction twice a year, in hand-designed letterpress issues.

24. Dock Street Press is a boutique-publishing house specializing in compelling narrative non-fiction and clean, intelligent fiction.

25. Babel/Salvage is a non-profit engine for artistic and literary ingenuity and community involvement located geographically in Seattle, Washington.

26. Minor Arcana specializes in geek authors, spiritual minority authors and romantic/gender/sexual minorities such as LGBTQ authors and the fetish community and pairs them with provocative cover artists to create beautiful books and empower overlooked and outsider authors and artists.

27. Seattle-based Dark Coast Press publishes literary fiction, poetry, and experimental writing from emerging and established authors.

28. Lettered Streets Press, based out of Seattle and Chicago, publishes poetry, prose, and hybrid forms.

29. Fence is Fence Magazine, Fence Books, the poetry review website The Constant Critic, and La Press, publishing translations from French— all committed to very contemporary literature.

30. Nouvella publishes novellas by emerging authors.

31. Factory Hollow Press publishes books, chapbooks and broadsides in both limited and trade editions. The press is the publishing division of Flying Object Center for Independent Publishing, Art, & the Book, Inc.. Established in 2005, the press has published and produced over 60 books, chapbooks, broadsides, vinyl LPs, and other special projects.

32. Sarabande Books is a non-profit publishing house based in Louisville, KY committed to publishing quality literary fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

33. Caketrain is a Pennsylvania-based journal and press.

34. Starcherone exists to stimulate public interest in works of innovative prose fiction and nurture an understanding of the art of fiction writing by publishing, disseminating, and affording the public opportunities to hear readings of innovative works. In addition to encouraging the development of authors and their audiences, Starcherone seeks to educate the public in small press publishing and encourage the growth of other small presses.

35. Dorothy is a publishing project dedicated to works of fiction or near fiction or about fiction, mostly by women.

36. Publishing Genius believes in literature’s ability to create sympathy and a better world, and therefore seeks to publish genre-defying books in the most interesting and progressive ways.

37. Magic Helicopter Press, based in Western Massachusetts, is focused on publishing across platforms, mediums and “the universe.” Their paper books are collectible art items, not unlike Dale Earnhardt commemorative plates. They also publish experimental multimedia projects: poetry videos and poetry video games.

38. Black Ocean, based out of Chicago, New York, and Boston, brings together a spectrum of influences and combines them with a radical social perspective on the nature of art and humanity.

39. Short Flight/Long Drive is an independent, non-profit small press specializing in the publication of fiction and the book arm of Hobart, a literary magazine founded in 2001.

40. featherproof is an indie publisher dedicated to doing whatever they want: publishing an idiosyncratic novel, design book, or something in between. They love paper, but aren’t afraid of computers. Their website offers free fold-yourself downloadable mini-books and Storigami.